Components of a Successful Website

A business website that looks great and captures the attention of people browsing is a place to start, but it is only the beginning. Every business has a website, so having one that helps a business stands out from the competition is the goal. A Web design agency provides comprehensive services that go beyond capturing attention, and focuses on a high conversion rate for the business. The conversion rate refers to the number of people who browse the site that actually become customers.

There are several components of a website that help, not only increase the conversion rate, but help improve it significantly, and sustain it moving forward. A sporadic increase is a boon to the business, but will not keep generating leads, and will not ensure a constant flow of organic traffic to the site. Any website has to be mobile-friendly. More people are searching the internet with their mobile devices than they are with a desk top of a laptop. The site has to format well and look great on any device, whether it is a larger tablet, or a smaller smart phone. Sites created by webdesign berlin will pass the Google Mobile Test.


Navigating the site has to be easy and clear for a site to be successful. Subheadings and tabs have to captivate the user, moving around the pages has to be a simple process, and call to action options have to be varied and interesting. That can include pop-up boxes for emails, social media site connections, bookmarks, and additional links, among others. WordPress is the platform used because of its easy to operate customer management system. Business owners can add content, update pictures, and make announcements with no coding required. Services include copy-writing, but owners can add their own content as well. Content is created to improve on-site optimisation. That means keywords are organically incorporated into text, article content, and posts to increase search visibility; a site map is submitted for indexing; and page loading speed is increased.

Once the site is developed and deployed, regular reviews are conducted, and optimisation tips provided to keep the site generating leads, increasing conversion rates, and boosting sales. Post project, additional services available include ongoing technical support, hosting services, and maintenance for the site as well. Business owners can go to for complete details on global sites for businesses of all sizes. If the business has a successful website, services such as improving search engine optimisation, testing the current site, and developing inbound marketing campaigns are available.